Background checks play a crucial role in making hiring decisions.

Find out about our Integrity Plus Program and Applicant Assessment Profile.


We design effective, compliant drug screening programs.

Reliable results in verifying truthfulness.

Certified Polygraph Examiners.

Events and courses are scheduled throughout the year to enhance examiner skills.

Welcome to Deception Control, Inc.

Established in 1975, Deception Control, Inc. a national, full service security consulting firm, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is committed to providing reliable and professional loss prevention programs and pre-employment screening support.


Premier Programs

Background checks and drug testing are recognized by human resource personnel as crucial cornerstones for effective hiring decisions. Applicants may not present themselves truthfully either in resumes or interviews, making it necessary for due diligence to be conducted. DCI fulfills this requirement for clients by acting as an extension of the HR department and returning results promptly to the client.

Training and Services

Deception Control Inc. distinguishes itself by extending training programs to individuals interested in entering the Polygraph profession, as well as to examiners desiring to improve skills and advance their knowledge. In addition, DCI provides polygraph services to retail and industrial companies facing specific loss issues and who need to identify those persons not involved in that loss.