Why Background Checks?
Background checks play a crucial role in making hiring decisions, and with access to County, State, National and International levels, we provide this critical cornerstone to employers.


Most widely requested Background Searches include:


• Criminal Search: County, Statewide, Corrections, Federal, International
• Civil Records: County, Federal

• Federal Courthouse: Civil/Bankruptcy & Criminal Searches

• Workers Compensation

• Driver History

• Employment: Verification

• Education: Verification
• Professional License: Verification

• Social Security Trace: Validation
• Business Credit Reports: Corporate Risk, Business and Owner Risk
• GSA: Federal Exclusion List
• Medicare Fraud List
• Global Report: Contributing Entities: OFAC, Interpol, FBI Terrorist Watch List, World Bank Ineligible Firms, plus others


Other specialized searches are available on request.


What is DC-Direct Portal?
A web-based connection for requesting/receiving background reports.

To sign up for DC DIRECT
, please contact us at (954)-771-6900


Integrity Plus
An indepth, face-to-face interview with a psychological profile included.

Applicant Assessment Profile
An effective screening tool for evaluating an applicant’s strengths and weaknesses; administered locally or nationally.