Family Issues

Polygraph is used to help with family conflicts

Helps to clear the shadow of suspicion

This testing helps identify between false accusations and truth


Theft in Companies

Polygraphers work directly with employers and business owners
Helps to determine the company loss

Assists in revealing those not involved



Polygraphers work in cooperation with various organizations
  to enhance the
hiring process
Helps to screen with more accuracy

 This screening addresses integrity issues


Criminal Investigations

Polygraphers work alongside with attorneys, law enforcement
  agencies and private detectives

Helps to determine truthfulness or involvement of a client or suspect

 This testing helps identify the innocent from the guilty


Sport Event Integrity

Identifies the presence of performance enhancing drugs
Helps to confirm tournament winner


Post Conviction Sex Offender Test

Polygraphers work in a trio with probation officers and therapists
Helps to promote community safety

 This team monitoring helps to reduce recidivism


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